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Trade Academy

Tradera offers a Trade Academy designed to teach our clients how to analyze and trade the financial markets!

Our premier, in-depth education platform is designed to be completely comprehensive covering multiple asset classes and taking traders A - Z from trading basics all the way through advanced institutional trading. The platform includes extensive video trainings covering a vast scope of financial market education, many additional text resources to aid in comprehension, and quizzes / homework assignments designed to test members along the way and ensure that they grasp each important subject.

Test your knowledge as you
progress through the Trade
Academy with our quizzes,
and complete our home-
work assignments to ensure
that you have mastered the
concepts you are learning!

The majority of our Trade Academy is
comprised of video content designed
to take our clients directly into the
financial markets to show hands-on
examples and explanations and show
how all of the education can be
applied in a real market environment!

Seamlessly read through our
in-depth, written and graphical
education material in our
Trade Academy to gain a solid
foundation and learn all of the
basics required for each of the
subjects that are presented!

Our Trade Academy is organized into 6 main sectors as follows:

  1. Forex
  2. Cryptocurrency
  3. Commodities [COMING SOON!]
  4. Indices [COMING SOON!]
  5. Stocks [COMING SOON!]
  6. Technical Analysis

Sectors 1 through 5 are designed to provide our clients with all of the necessary foundational knowledge for the particular asset class that is required prior to actually learning how to analyze and trade the corresponding assets. In these sectors, clients will learn about the terminology, history, mechanics, industry, etc. for the particular asset class. Additionally, each of these sectors is designed to     offer a complete foundation so each sector will have training on brokers, trading platforms and how to navigate them (including MT4 and TradingView), and much more! Please note that Tradera does not provide broker recommendations, nor are we directly affiliated with any brokerages. We solely provide helpful information to assist our clients in their research so that they are more comfortable during their broker selection process and can make a more informed broker choice.

Sector 6 is by far the largest sector in our Trade Academy and focuses completely on Technical Analysis, which is the use of past market data to analyze current market conditions and make calculated trading decisions. The vast majority of our video training content will be in this sector, and we place a significant focus on taking our clients straight into markets / charts so that our clients can learn directly from the financial markets that they will be analyzing and trading in the future.

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